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Writing Strategy

When it comes to writing strategy, I think I know my way around a sentence or two.  I think the best part of my writing may be the use of different length and types of sentences.  It is an easy technique that adds a lot of depth to a paper.  It may seem like this doesn’t add much to a paper, but simply changing the sentence structure it can make a paper more exciting to read. For example take this post.  I have shown a complex sentence, compound sentence and a simple sentence.


We Have a Research Paper?

I still need to to a lot of work to prepare my research paper.  I have barely even researched, for my RESEARCH paper.  The topic I chose has a lot of research, but I’m finding it difficult to narrow down what I want to talk about.  I need to realize that my paper will not encompass ever aspect of the topic.  At the same time, I need to find a way to fill 6000 words and maintain an organized flow of information.

Research Questions

1) Is the use of psychological advantages in restaurants a contributing factor to the high rate of obesity in the America.

2) Why are Americans so interested in “eating out”, what factors make it so appealing?

3)How has the increased restaurant industry effected the dynamics of the American family?

Research Paper

1) I really liked my food prep essay.  I think I want to use this for my research paper, because there is a lot to write about when it comes to the psychology of food. 

2) I also like connecting food production with environmental concerns. 

* its was really hard to write about a food person.  I think I can use this in my research paper, but I will not have it as my main topic.

Food Prep Research

The first source I used was a San Diego Magazine article written by a PhD in phychology that explained the different tacktics restaurants use to get the most money out of clients.

For my second source I couldn’t find an actual book so….. The second source was a student project on an edu website but that used a book as evidence. I know its stretching it, but its evidence fr0m a book!  This project was about the sociology of eating as a community and how diners and eating in restaurants has now effected society.

The third source I used was a European news paper article that traced the trends of eating out and how much money families spend annually on eating in restaurants. 

All of these were really useful in writing my essay because I used the phychological and sociological evidence to prove that as a society we tend to eat out more because restaurants have perfected the art of letting people eat for just sure enjoyment.  Also that restaurants are the most effective places to go in order to have intimate conversations with strangers.  I think I need to change my research a little because I basically found information that said what I wanted it too say.  Also I didn’t have any differing veiw points that I could then use my knowledge of the subject to prove wrong.  I also could use more quotes.

3 Things I know about research

As a freshman in college my knowledge of research is limited to what I learned in high school, which doesn’t extend farther than how to navigate Wikipedia (the website where credibility goes to die).  Important information, that I have learned these past few day, about finding reliable sources is as follows;

  1. Try to stick with websites which are normally indicated by .edu or .gov.  These are educational and government websites which are more likely to be credible because they aren’t for commercial purposes.
  2. Another method to find credible sources is to get in contact with a library liaison who can help the students find the books they need.
  3. As stated above, at all costs avoid Wikipedia, “the website where you can be an authority when you don’t even know what the hell you are talking about” (Stephen Colbert).  Anyone can change the information on Wikipedia and can add his/her own citations easily.  Take for example the “Colbert Report” incident of 2006 where Stephen Colbert joking stated on his show that if enough people believed in something then it must be true, he continued this argument by including that reality should be replaced with “wikiality”.  In his presentation of “the WORD” he told his audience that if they changed every page about elephants to say that the population of African elephants had increased exponentially and tripled then the elephants would be saved.  His inspired audience, obviously just trying to do their part to save the the majestic elephants, then mobbed every Wikipedia page that had anything to remotely due with elephants. As a result the entire Wikipedia system crashed.  If that doesn’t scream reliable source for research I don’t know what will.