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Since the beginning of class, I realize that food is a very complicated subject.  Easy Mac no longer seems so easy, when you look at the ingredient list and think of the political impact.  In this class I have come to realize that food is heavily commercialized, yet at the same time it can bring a community together.  Food is a powerful substance that can shape cultural standards, form political lines and much more.


Melissa’s Green Coconut Waffles

The coconut waffles would make my pumpkin seeds green with envy.  These strangly green waffles are delicious.  They also have a very interesting cultural significance.  According to Melissa, the Vietnamese wanted to change the traditional waffle so that they didn’t need to eat them with syrup.  This resulted in a sweet waffle with a hint of coconut.

Food 2012

The sharing of food is naturally a cultural experience, but in America all of these ethnic foods are watered down and transformed from cultural to racial.  Take for example David Chang, who is the aspiring star of Asian cuisine.  First, what is Asian cuisine?  There are about 48 countries in Asia, but in the political realm of food, they are all classified as something that is cooked in a wok.