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Writing Strategy

When it comes to writing strategy, I think I know my way around a sentence or two.  I think the best part of my writing may be the use of different length and types of sentences.  It is an easy technique that adds a lot of depth to a paper.  It may seem like this doesn’t add much to a paper, but simply changing the sentence structure it can make a paper more exciting to read. For example take this post.  I have shown a complex sentence, compound sentence and a simple sentence.


We Have a Research Paper?

I still need to to a lot of work to prepare my research paper.  I have barely even researched, for my RESEARCH paper.  The topic I chose has a lot of research, but I’m finding it difficult to narrow down what I want to talk about.  I need to realize that my paper will not encompass ever aspect of the topic.  At the same time, I need to find a way to fill 6000 words and maintain an organized flow of information.

Research Questions

1) Is the use of psychological advantages in restaurants a contributing factor to the high rate of obesity in the America.

2) Why are Americans so interested in “eating out”, what factors make it so appealing?

3)How has the increased restaurant industry effected the dynamics of the American family?

Research Paper

1) I really liked my food prep essay.  I think I want to use this for my research paper, because there is a lot to write about when it comes to the psychology of food. 

2) I also like connecting food production with environmental concerns. 

* its was really hard to write about a food person.  I think I can use this in my research paper, but I will not have it as my main topic.

Ohhh Myyy

I think, after coming in to see you, that my essay is alright.  I think it is at a B level because my analysis of Chang was extensive.  The reason I was held back was that I lacked Biographical material.


Since the beginning of class, I realize that food is a very complicated subject.  Easy Mac no longer seems so easy, when you look at the ingredient list and think of the political impact.  In this class I have come to realize that food is heavily commercialized, yet at the same time it can bring a community together.  Food is a powerful substance that can shape cultural standards, form political lines and much more.

Rethinking Work: Cooking as Labor

Author Sarah Jaffe makes a good point that there has always been gender roles when it comes to food, but her arguements against the “foodies” seemed skewed.  Michael Pollen and other foodies are correct to believe that food should be a sentimental experience that makes people want to think about the food they make and the ingredients they use.  As Sarah Jaffe explains it “foodies want to return to a world where cooking isn’t just an afterthought or something we pay others to do.”  Some people argue that “most people have little income to spare to spend on fresh food…. Cheap food that is still profitable for corporations requires cheap labor.”   But this doesn’t need to be a vicious cycle.  Money may be short for some, but if more people begin to purchase better quality food than demand should push the price down.  Corporations just respond to demand, but consumers need to demand better food and to gain an appreciation for this people need to cook themselves.