The first source I used was a San Diego Magazine article written by a PhD in phychology that explained the different tacktics restaurants use to get the most money out of clients.

For my second source I couldn’t find an actual book so….. The second source was a student project on an edu website but that used a book as evidence. I know its stretching it, but its evidence fr0m a book!  This project was about the sociology of eating as a community and how diners and eating in restaurants has now effected society.

The third source I used was a European news paper article that traced the trends of eating out and how much money families spend annually on eating in restaurants. 

All of these were really useful in writing my essay because I used the phychological and sociological evidence to prove that as a society we tend to eat out more because restaurants have perfected the art of letting people eat for just sure enjoyment.  Also that restaurants are the most effective places to go in order to have intimate conversations with strangers.  I think I need to change my research a little because I basically found information that said what I wanted it too say.  Also I didn’t have any differing veiw points that I could then use my knowledge of the subject to prove wrong.  I also could use more quotes.