In Pollan’s essay “Nutritionism” he argues that America since the dawn of our country have been obsessed with killing the joy of eating.  In his thesis he states, “But why do we even need a nutritional philosophy in the first place?  Perhaps because we Americans have always had a problem taking pleasure in eating.”(Pollen)  Pollan uses evidence to support this statement by quoting several substantial figures from different periods in American history that all disscuss the importance of not enjoying food.  “How a people eats is one of the most powerful ways they have to express, and preserve, their cultural identity, which is exactly what you don’t want in a society dedicated to the ideal of “Americanization.” 

In Ettlinger’s essay, unlike Pollan who questions why we don’t just enjoy food, Ettlinger wonders what and why certain things are in food.  In this essay the thesis is, I think, “I tried to find out how we came to make food additives on a global scale, and I had to wonder why we make such an enormous industrial effort to create artificial replacements for relatively unprocessed things like sugar.”(Ettlinger)  Despite the title I believe, based on the type of evidence he inserted into his essay, that Ettlinger wasn’t as concerned with what these chemicals were but rather why they were in the food in the first place.  The story of the twinkie I think best represents this arguement.  “And perhaps the most important question of all:if you can make a cake at home with just flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and water… how is it that thirty-nine ingredients are needed to make a twinkie?”