After wandering aimlessly through the San Jose Japan Town Farmers Market for about 15mins I finally heard a voice calling out to me asking if I wanted to try some hummus.  Obviously I accepted and as the artichoke flavored hummus was being passed around I began to ask Chris and Lilly, our local hummus dealers a few questions.

The formatting for my audio isn’t working with wordpress, I’ll try and work on it soon but the conversation went a approximately like this.

“What is your name?”


“Hi Lilly its nice to meet you, my name is Amber Nelson.”

So now what is you job at this company?

I help Chris sell the hummus.

Oh ok, how long has this company been making hummus?

Chris- About 3 years.

And how long have you been with the company personally?

Chris- A year and a half, its really nice starting with a small company, because I get to grow with it.

What is your position?

I’m pretty high up there, its hard to explain…. its, well basically I’m head sales man and I travel around to all the local farmers markets and when we get our FDA approval I will be pitching our product to stores like Trader Joe’s.

If you say your local where exactly is your company located at?

In San Leandro California

And do you work with farms in the area or do you simply purchase your ingredients?

We work with farms, and we try to make every thing as organic as possible.  Most of our farms are pretty close.  We get the ingredients and make the hummus weekly.

So your products are organic?

As organic as we can make it, there are certain ingredients we can’t get.

And if it is made weekly then is the hummus ever frozen?

No, no.. I mean it goes into freezer rooms but is never frozen. Its sold before we have time to freeze it.

Ok, so do all age groups purchase your products then?

Lilly- “the little kids really like this one because it reminds them of pizza toppings.”  (Basil and Sun Dried Tomato)

Chris- “if you like good healthy products then you want your hummus from us”

Lilly- “Once a guy came to us and said he had purchased hummus in a big container from costco and in 3 weeks of sitting in the fridge it had separated and he need to scrap the fat off the top.”

Eww… so do you believe your hummus is a better quality?

Lilly-“yes, ours wont separate and its 250 calories per tub.”

Chris- “Our hummus is made with everyone in mind.  People with diabetes and other ailments can eat our hummus.”

“Well I think I have taken enough of you time, thank you so much.”

Chris- Thank you, make sure you come back and tell us how your report went”