The  value of these websites is really in your pocket.  These sites allow for the WiFi penny pinchers to find free food on the go with their smart phones or computers. With the internet capabilities of generation Y-Fi I think the values of these websites will transcend their original purpose of asking the question, who wants to pay for the same fruits when you can find it on public property?   With accessibility to the internet growing everyday in a few years, websites like these, I hope, will bring an end to the fact that families in poverty often eat less fruit and vegetables then their suburban counterparts.  It may like a far fetched idea today but with the combination of the green movement and technology revolution we could see more and more accessible public property free food.

Even though this video doesn’t present the same arguments as above I believe that it give a good description of the current problem in our country, which is the high correlation between poverty and malnutrition.

-Amber Nelson