The Future of Foods movie was an informational film trying to educate the public that genetically engineered foods were rushed onto the market without much testing, despite FDA Scientists warnings. Because of this 3 major problems, highlighted in the film, come into focus.  First most people are under the assumption that genetically modified foods will create a world without famine and starvation.  Could they mean the opposite?  With modifications scientists are reducing the genetic-variability of our crops, and with less biodiversity the chances of widespread crop damage and famine increases.  The second proposed problem is the method of engineering the crops.  In order to modify crop genetics bio engineers attack the cells with viruses and bacteria that can alter the crops DNA with the approved gene traits wanted.  Many skeptical scientists ask the question, what if the gene mutates or has any adverse affects on humans?  The third problem isn’t a question like the others.  It has already begun to happen.  The movie discusses the problems involved with the money that is sponsoring the Gene revolution.  Patent laws and FDA regulation seem to be only benefiting one part of the industry, which is causing adverse affects on farmers and consumers.

-Amber Nelson